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There's a Brachiosaurus in My Bathroom


My Story

I have spent much of my life in the corporate world, but when I see dinosaurs, I am 7 years old again. My passion for dinosaurs began from the very first visit to the National History Museum in Washington, DC. To see these magnificent creatures sparks the imagination.

Growing up, I don't recall many girls wanting to go into the sciences with the exception of the healthcare field. Once I wrote the book, I realized that I could put this book to use.  I want to encourage young girls to explore science fields. I am dedicating this book and its proceeds to STEM programs that focuses on getting girls to go into STEM fields.

My first book, There's a Brachiosaurus in My Bathroom, was written because of a prank, a 6' tall inflatable dinosaur, and my love of crafting rhymes.

My Books
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In The Press
In the press

 Creative kids Dino book

Not only was this book adorable, fun and creative but it was educational. Definitely the kind of books kids should be picking up. Creatively written and adorable illustrations. I highly recommend it!

Danielle W


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